Monday, January 27, 2014

No I Did Not Fall Off the Planet ... Helloooo!

Well, it has been quite a while since I have written a post so I thought it was about time I got to it. I hope everyone is doing well, and thank you for coming back to check in with me.

The last 2 months have been full of physical therapy and getting back to work. My leg is progressing slowly but surely, and I am now walking with either one crutch or my four prong cane. I can even walk a bit without any aid; not too far, but some and that rocks!!

I went back to work in the beginning of January and am doing pretty well. It has been tiring but worth it!! It is great to be around people and be able to talk to people all day long. It is amazing how much being alone showed me that I like being around people, even with all their quirks and problems. :)

My last x-ray taken at the end of December (below) actually shows some change. It is the first one taken since I broke my leg (Sept. 1) that I could actually see a difference, which has been encouraging. I go this week to have another x-ray taken and am really excited to see how things are progressing.

Through out this experience, I find that I am still challenged by my fixed mindset and setting limitations upon myself. There has been some areas where I have been able to push my self and some areas where I am not. Yet after practicing a certain way of thinking and acting for so long, I do not always see what others can and am thankful I have my husband on my side to point out what I have chosen to be blind to. My goal is to, at some point, be able (or willing) to self-reflect well enough to not need his help. I will get there!!

Alrighty then people, hope you are taking care of yourself and enjoying life!!!!!!!!!!!!